Lesson Costs

Prices 2023

Studio Singing Lessons

  • 50.00 per Half Hour

Lessons Fees start at $50.00 for a thirty minute lesson. Forty-five minute and hour lesson slots are also available.

Lesson Payment: Lessons may be paid; Termly, or as you go by cash or direct deposit.

About Lessons;
Every singer is different just like every person is different.
There isn’t a one size solution that fits all singers. I know that every singer will require tailored individual training.
I have your desires in mind and am flexible in my approach to help you get there.

I have years of teaching and singing experience and high level training in all facets of voice from Technical, stylistic, Musical, logistical, Educational and Psychological aspects.

This is why you get what you pay for.

Vocal and Performance Workshops

  • Choral Workshops
  • Musicianship for AMEB Examinations
  • Doing your best; The Mental Edge; Topics may include but are not limited to:
    NLP techniques for overcoming Performance Anxiety,
    A well Formed Outcome- What is the best way to make a goal tangible and real. A goal setting tool that really works.
    Communication ; How does Rapport, Matching and Mirroring work? Non verbal and Verbal communication.
    (How to use these in one on one interaction and group communication settings to get your best outcomes.)
    Performance Preparation, using NLP tools such as Modelling, Anchors and State Managment to maximise performance outcomes.
  • Performance Preparation; Musical and Stage Presentation.

Personal Coaching on these or other topics also available.

About Workshops;
Cost varies according to duration and want.