Risini Carlingford 2021
I have been doing singing lessons with Deborah for 3 years now and it has improved my singing immensely. I have had such a fun time signing different types of music with Deborah and trying to find my sound. Every lesson I learn something new. The learning environment has always been safe and Deborah pushes us to do our best. Her notes and review are so precise and specific that you can easily make your voice better.

I started singing with Deborah because I thought it would be nice to try something new, but with Deborahs notes and help I have developed not just a nice voice but the confidence  to do something I love. 

I highly recommend her as a teacher. As she will help you to do your best.

Matt Barnet Cherrybrook 2021

I came to singing very late in life and Deborah is my first and only real singing teacher.

She is very easy to interact with and her knowledge of music and singing is very broad and deep.

The journey of music for me has been very uplifting and enlightening and I feel Deborah has been

with me all the way.


Natasha Leong, Cherrybrook 2014

Singing at it’s best is expressive, communicative and most of all fun! Working through this process with Deborah has been just that. The learning environment has always been encouraging and the input I’ve received is tailored and specific. I began singing lessons wanting to “sound better”, but with Deborah’s help I’ve developed not just in that, but also in important technique and musicially contributing to a confident performance. Ive benefited from Deborah’s wealth of Teaching and Performance experience that she applies to different styles of music and types of voices.

Katie Kato, West Pennant Hills 2015

I began lessons with Deborah Spencer two years ago and have achieved my goal of a position in the Brent Street Triple Threat course… Acting, Voice and Dance. Deborah’s tailored and personal approach to teaching singing encouraged me to develop my own style, with confidence. While vocal exercises and song choices helped develop and strengthen my voice and musicanship. Her teaching style is quite relaxed, this created an atmosphere of little pressure. With her patient and careful approach progress was seen within weeks. My family and I are so grateful for her help and support. In addition.. she also helped a friend achieve a Brent Street scholarship position after only a very short period of lessons. We highly recommend as her as a teacher, I really appreciate the help and advice she has given me.

Kirralee, 2015

Coming from a background of very little classical training, Mrs Spencer’s help was key to my success as a 3 Unit Candidate in the NSW, HSC and consequent audition for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Her expertise in choosing appropiate songs that suited my voice both in classical and music theatre genres and the assistance she gave to enable me to sing them effectively was incredibly helpful. I whole heartedly recommend Deborah as a voice teacher.

Jenny Leaneer, Wahroonga 2013

I have had lessons with Deborah since year 5 she is a lovely person, very encouraging and positive. This year I will be completing grade 8 in classical singijng and next year I will be completing my HSC including music for the HSC. I absolutely love singing and although I hope to study medicine I will always sing.

Sally White, Pennant Hills 2013

It’s been great to get back to singing after a long working life and children. I was abit apprehensive about starting to sing again after such a long break. But actually singing lessons are one of the highlights of my week. I am looking forward to singing in a band with some friends from work. Now I’ve started again, I just dont want to stop.

Joanna Davis, Dural 2013

I have found Deborah to be methodical and flexible in her teaching. She has the ability to teach different styles of music. She is a great communicator and explains well the techniques and ideas she is teaching. What she has taught me in a short time will continue to benefit me well into the future.

Nancy, Carlingford

I have had singing lessons with Deborah since year 5. Seven years later, I am preparing for a Performers Certificate Examination, and 2unit music for the HSC. I love singing and hope to continue my music studies once I leave school. I have loved having roles in school musicals and participating in a variety of concerts and performances. Singing is great fun and I continue to get better as a performer with Deborah’s help.

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